Sukha Kahlon Bio | Real Name | Wife | Friends | Family | Movie | Death

Sukha Kahlon Bio | Real Name | Wife | Friends | Family | Movie | Death : Today we are going to talk about a gangster from Punjab who has been in the news so far.

Due to his own personal gang war, he was riddled with bullets in police custody by another group.

We are going to talk about gangster and sharp shooter Sukha Kahlon. Sukha Kahlon’s full name is Sukhbir Singh Kahlon. Sukha was born in Kahlwan, a village in Kapurthala. He also started applying the name Kalwa after his name.

Sukha Kahlon Bio | Real Name | Wife | Friends | Family | Movie | Death

The full name of Drought Kahlon was Sukhvir Singh Kahlon. He used to live from Kahlwan, a village in Kapurthala district of Punjab.

The father’s name is Sudarshan Singh and mother’s name is Harjinder Kaur. At this time the family of dry kahlas live in England.

Rupinder Gandhi Biography

Drought divorced his wife only a few years ago. He said that in the line he has fallen, he can be killed at some point. So he asked his wife to divorce him.

Real NameSukhveer Singh
Nick NameSukha
Date Of Birth21 June 1987
Age28 Year
Date Of Death21 Jan 2015
Height5 Feet 7 Inch
Marrital StatusDivorced
Hair ColorBlack

Sukha Kahlon Family

His father’s name is Sudarshan Singh and his mother’s name is Harjinder Kaur. Both parents of dry spells live in another country outside India.

On December 14, 2014, Sukha had locked her wife. Sukha said that he has now fallen into the gangster line so he does not want his wife to live his entire life by becoming a widow. For this, Sukha gave lock to his wife.

Father NameSudarshan Singh
Mother NameHarjinder Kaur
Marriage Date11 Oct 2008
Divorced18 Dec 2014
Wife NameKarmajeet Kaur

Sukha Kahlon Life Story

Sukha Kahlon was born on 21 June 1987 in Kahlon village in Kapurthala, Punjab. His father’s name is Sudarshan Singh and mother’s name is Harjinder Kaur. Both parents of dry spells live in another country outside India.

Sukhveer Kahlon has more than 40 criminal cases against him, including murder in two cases, robbery and robbery in 7 cases, and attempt to murder in 9 cases.

His parents live in the US. Sukha Kalwa’s Love Marriage lives in Australia. He was married to a businessman’s girl but after a fight with his wife, he came back to Punjab and started living in Jalandhar.

Sukha Kahlon Bio | Real Name | Wife | Friends | Family | Movie | Death

After this Sukha Kahlon fell into the wrong company, 2 months before the death of Sukha Kahlon, his brother also died in jail. Kahlon completed his studies at the government school in Kahlon village in Kapurthala.

Sukhveer Kahlwan {Kahlon} married his friend on 11 October 2008 but they got divorced in 2014 due to a feud after which Sukha returned to Punjab.

Kahlon was very fond of keeping arms from childhood, besides she was always ready to help her friends during her school time.

He was very rich in luck, Sukha had to face the police four times, but he was settled every time by a police bullet. In October 2010, he escaped from jail. This time he also managed to dodge the police.

After this he also escaped from Ropar jail in 2012 and later he had an encounter with Rajasthan Police in which one of his companions was killed.

Sukha Kalwa looted millions of gold with a gangster from UP, but the two got into a fight over the sharing of gold, after which Yameen cut Sukha Kahlon‘s throat and threw it into the Jamuna. But even then Sukha survived.

sukha kahlon

He was very fond of being active on social media. Sukhveer Kalwa had 3 fan pages which he used to operate while in jail.

Death Of Sukha Kahlon

Kahlon was killed when he was being taken out of Nabha jail to appear in court and was murdered by a betel nut. Sukha’s betrothed gangster is Sonu Baba who already has a feud with Sukha Kahlon Group.

Sonu Baba has admitted in police custody that Prema Lahoria Vicky Gounder and he hatched a conspiracy to kill Sukha Kalan. On January 21, 2015, dry blocks were riddled with bullets along the way.

sukha kahlon

Sukha Kahlon Shooter Movie Full Info

As we have seen earlier, just like Rupinder Gandhi in Punjab, Sukha Kalans are very much loved by the youth of Punjab, in view of this, Sukha has also become a Punjabi movie on the life of the Blacks, which is in February. Scheduled to release in 2020.

Earlier, Rupinder Gandhi and Rupinder Gandhi 2 movies have also been released on the life of gangster Rupinder Gandhi, which people have liked very much. Everyone hopes that people will like this movie made over the life of Sukha Kahlon.

Cases On Sukha Kahlon

A total of 40 cases were registered in different police stations over Sukha Kahlon. He had committed different incidents in each district of India. Several criminal cases and murder over Sukha Kalwa from Uttar Pradesh to Punjab

sukha kahlon

FAQ Section

Friends, now we will give you answers to some of the questions related to the life of dry people, which people often search on the Internet the most.

There are many of our friends who want to know something about the life of Sukha Sukha Kahlon, which has been told very little, we will give you answers to some such questions in this article, in addition to this if you have any questions, then you will comment box I can also ask us.

Why Sukha Kahlon So Famous in Punjab?

Friends, as you all know, Sukha Kalwa in Punjab is known by some youngsters as Robinhood. But in different police stations outside Sukha Kalwa, cases of murder and robbery were registered but Sukha Kalwa became very famous in Punjab after some people killed Sukha Kalwa in police custody due to mutual gang war. Recently a Punjabi movie made over Sukha Kalwa made Sukha Kalwa even more popular in Punjab.

Who Killed Sukha Kahlon?

Due to mutual gang war, the drought kahlas were killed by a group of Vicky Gounders. Let us tell you that Vicky Gounder was also a gangster who was confessed by Punjab Police in 2018. This gang took the responsibility of Drought’s death.

Why Shooter Movie Banned in Punjab?

As you all know that Sukha is a Punjabi movie shooter based on Kahlon’s life, such as was to be released in 2019. But it was banned by the government, the government said that this movie motivates the youth to grow gangsters.

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