Rupinder Gandhi Biography | Wife | Death | History | Life Story

Rupinder Gandhi Biography | Wife | Death | History | Life Story: Rupinder Gandhi has been a dangerous and notorious gangster in Punjab. At one time, this had become a problem for young grown-ups. Many people see Rupinder Gandhi as a gangster, on the other hand, many people consider him a Robinhood. He says that Rupinder Gandhi supported the people in every trouble. Rupinder Gandhi was assassinated in the year 2003.

At just 22 years of his age, he became the sarpanch of his village. Many call him a gangster, but there are many people who look at him as a Roibnud. They say that he used to help everyone.

There is a lot of youth in Punjab about Rupinder Gandhi. There this group also fights elections at every level in every college and university. The name of this is “Gandhi Group”.

Actually this group was formed in memory of Rupinder Gandhi. Today in our article, we will tell you about the entire biography of the young man.

Rupinder Gandhi Biography | Wife | Death | History | Life Story

Gandhi was born on October 2, so his father named him Gandhi. Why on this day Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation, was born. But people knew Mahatma Gandhi for peace and non-violence. But Rupinder Gandhi was completely upside down. His profession was to be beaten. People knew this Gandhi for violence.

rupinder gandhi

Rupinder Ganadhi was born on 2 October 1979 in Rasulpura, a village falling in Khanna. His father’s name was Hardev Singh Aujla. Rupinder Gandhi was a great player of football in childhood. But time made such a change that he left his game and came into the world of crime.

NameRupinder Singh
Perfassion Football Player
Birth 2 Oct. 1979
Death9 Oct. 2003
Rupinder Gandhi

Rupinder Gandhi Family and Wife

If we talk about Rupinder Gandhi’s family and his wife, then his father’s name was Hardev Singh Aujla. Rupinder Gandhi was believed from the very beginning that he respected girls a lot. This is the reason that people loved him so much.

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Rupinder Gandhi was married yet. Like we had told earlier that people loved Rupinder Gandhi more than everyone else because he respected the girls more than everyone else.

So there is absolutely no way that he will have a girlfriend. Apart from this, in the family of Rupinder Gandhi, besides his father Hardev Singh, his mother was his elder brother Maninder.

Gandhi’s elder brother was set outside the country in some country but after Rupinder’s death, he returned to India. After coming to India, he started the “Gandhi Group of Students” in memory of his brother Rupinder Gandhi.

Father Name Hardev Singh
Mother NameNot Known
Brother Name Maninder Gandhi
Sister NameN/A
Wife / GirlfriendN/A
Rupinder Gandhi Family

Rupinder Gandhi Life Story

Gandhi used to help everyone since childhood. At a young age, he became one of the best football players. In football, Rupinder Gandhi reached the national level. Rupinder’s family admitted Rupinder to Punjab University Chandigarh after finishing his studies of Rupinder’s school so that there was no obstacle in studies and games.

As we said that he used to help everyone. Therefore, if there was a small fight between his friends in the university, then he was ready to support his friends in that fight. Gradually these small battles started taking the form of big battles. Meanwhile, Rupinder Gandhi was also made the president of the university.

rupinder gandhi

During this time, many enemies of Rupinder Gandhi became. Because of this, the wrestler Gang of Salodi village kidnapped Rupinder Gandhi for 5 weeks.

No one got any news when Rupinder was kidnapped. Rupinder Gandhi, from 5th to 4th stage, was kept in Salodi village. During this, he was beaten a lot. Rupinder Gandhi’s both arms and legs were broken. Later he was shot and thrown into Bhakra.

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After searching a lot, the police found Rupinder Gandhi’s dead body three days later. The police cremated Rupinder’s dead body without telling anyone.

In the meantime, Rupinder Gandhi’s brother also said that he was not Rupinder Gandhi’s body. Police told the body of someone else as Rupinder Gandhi’s body. This claim was made by Rupinder Gandhi’s brother.

Murder Of Rupinder Gandhi’s Brother

After Rupinder Gandhi’s death, his elder brother came to India. Rupinder Gandhi’s elder brother Maninder Gandhi said that he will avenge his brother from Rupinder Gandhi’s slaughter.

Maninder came to India and put the word Gandhi behind his name. It was in this vein that Maninder Gandhi started the Gandhi group. The group had some friends of Rupinder Gandhi and some young men from Punjab who followed Rupinder Gandhi.

Rupinder Gandhi’s brother vowed to avenge his brother. When one day Maninder Gandhi was going to work in his fields with his nephew Davinder Singh. On the way, some people started firing on Maninder Gandhi. Manidar Gandhi was shot with four bullets. After which he was taken to Bharti in a hospital in Ludhiana where Rupinder Gandhi’s brother Maninder Gandhi died.

The people there said that some people had come on foot after shooting bullets at Maninder and they ran away with Maninder Gandhi’s bullet motorcycle standing nearby. Maninder’s nephew Davinder also chased them, but they broke away from there towards the village Rasulpura.

Rupinder Gandhi’s brother Maninder Gandhi was also sarpanch of Rasulpur village on behalf of the Congress. Later, his gang was taken over by a gangster group. When Maninder Gandhi was killed, Maninder Gandhi’s age was 37 years.

Movie On Rupinder Gandhi’s Life

Gangster Rupinder Gandhi’s 2 best films based on the real life of Gangster Rupinder Gandhi have become ‘Gangster Rupinder Gandhi’ and ‘Rupinder Gandhi The Robinhood’. Both these films did a great job at the box office. In these films, the role of Rupinder Gandhi is played by actor Dev Kharoud, called Salman Khan of Punjabi cinema. In fact, Dev Kharoud got recognition due to these films.

Facts About Rupinder Gandhi

  • At the age of just 22, Rupinder Gandhi became the sarpanch of his village. Till now no one has become sarpanch of any village at such a young age.
  • Rupinder Gandhi was a national level football player. The football game was played for Punjab.
  • In just 24 years, Rupinder Gandhi was killed by a wrestler gang.
  • Gandhi was a gangster for the people, but the people of his village consider him a Robinhood. They say that Gandhi used to help everyone.
  • He used to provide medicines for the wedding of girls of poor people of his village and also for the poor people of the village.
  • A total of 8 criminal cases were registered against Rupinder Gandhi. In which there were cases of loot in addition to murder and attempted murder.

FAQ Section

In this section, we will give you information about some of the things related to Rupinder Gandhi, which people search most on the Internet. Apart from this, if you also want to know something more about Rupinder Gandhi, which we could not cover in our article, then you can ask us in the comment box.

What is full name of Rupinder Gandhi?

Rupinder Gandhi’s full name was Rupinder Singh Gandhi. He was born on 2 October, which is why his father started putting Gandhi behind his name.

Who Killed Rupinder gandhi?

Gangster Rupinder Gandhi had enmity with many people in his life. Because of this some politicians and other gang people wanted to kill Rupinder. The Bhalwan Gang killed Rupinder Gandhi due to mutual enmity.

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