R Nait Bio | Real Name | Girlfriend | Family | Age | Height | Weight & More

R Nait Bio | Real Name | Girlfriend | Family | Age | Height | Weight & More : Friends, in today’s article, we are going to talk about a singer who has made a mark in the hearts of millions of people from his first song .

Nait Ram is as good a person as he sings. R Nait is a man connected to the earth, he never boasted of being such a great artist, we often see him working in the fields in his videos. today we will tell you the story of a very good person and a better singer.

r nait

R Nait Bio | Real Name | Girlfriend | Family | Age | Height | Weight & More

Friends R Nait was born on 15 August 1989 in Village Dhanpura Disst. Mansa, Punjab, to a poor family. R Nait’s real name is Netram Sharma. His father’s name is Satpal Sharma who is a farmer. His mother’s name is Guddi Kaur and brother’s name is Ravi Sharma.

He was a very hard working boy since childhood, he was not so diligent only in singing, along with this, he used to write studies and also used to do household chores with great effort.

r nait
NameR Nait
Real NameNait Ram Sharma
Date Of Birth15 Aug. 1989
Age31 Year
Height5 Feet 10 Inch
Weight68 KG
Hair ColorBlack
DebutSong 2800 In 2016
Turning PointSong 2800

R Nait Education

R Nait did his schooling from private school Mansa and he dreamed of becoming a big singer since childhood. By the time he reached the seventh grade, R Nait had also learned to write songs.

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He was so fond of becoming an R Nait singer that he used to take part in the function to be held in school. After finishing school, he would tell his father’s hand in the harvest.

r nait

Career Of R Nait

R Nait was very hardworking since childhood, he did his graduation from Guru Nanak Dev University, Punjab. When R Nait told his father that he wanted to become a singer, his father refused him.

Because he wanted R Nait to read and write and do a good job or he should continue to raise his hand in the field. But R Nait had complete confidence in himself that one day he would definitely become a very big singer and after seeing his love for music, his parents also started supporting him.

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R Nait says that his friend circle is very big. One day when his friend asked him to sing, when R nait sang, all his friends praised him. R Nait and his friends thought of creating a professional song by collecting money and then you started your music career with the first song 2800.

r nait

Debut In Punjabi Music Industry

The song created an uproar in the Punjabi music industry as soon as it was released, the song was well received by the people.

Because of this, this song got millions of views in a few days. The song made R nait an overnight star. R Nait was very happy with the success of this song but his happiness soon turned into misery.

Because a music company with R Nait cheated millions of rupees, which R Nait will hardly forget. Actually it happened that a music company offered R nait to work with him and millions of rupees were also taken from R Nait.

r nait

R Nait had borrowed the money from his acquaintances, but that fraud company neither gave any work to R nait nor gave back the money and then sold his land to R Nait to return it.

He says that it was a very bad time of his life, but even after so much, R Nait did not give up. After some time, R Nait performed more than one song.

Such as Tera Pind, Tera Mukh, Lancer, Record Tod Da, Kala Dhan, Babe Bapu Proposal, all these songs proved to be superhit. After performing these songs, R Nait made a distinct identity in the Punjabi music industry.

R Nait Songs

Delhi2.9 Crore Vieww
Struggler17 Crore View
Bebe Baapu3.9 Crore View
8553.4 Crore View
Goli 2.8 Crore View
Lootera10 Crore View
Dabda Kithe aa15 Crore View
28002.9 Crore View
Defaulter7 Crore View
Reel Wala Deck4.5 Crore View

R Nait On Social Media

InstagramOfficial R Nait
FacebookR Nait

Facts About R Nait’ Life

R Nait has been given many music awards after performing these songs. Apart from all these songs, R Nait has done a lot of superhit songs.

r nait

Friends, in 2019, R Nait’s song named Defaulter came out and this song proved to be a huge hit as soon as it arrived. The song also received million plus views on YouTube within minutes. In this song R Net has shown his real struggle.

In 2019, R Nait came out with the song Dabda Kithe Aa, which you must have heard, which proved to be a big hit as soon as it came.

Friends, in today’s time there will be hardly any person who has struggled to achieve all these feats of R Nait. That is why in today’s time there are millions of millions of fans of R Nait. Friends, by commenting in the comment box, you can tell which song you think is the best to come.

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