Kulvir Jhinjer Bio | Age | Wife | Birth | Family | Height & Weight


Kulvir Jhinjer came into the Punjabi music industry a short time ago. But in this short time, he has made his identity even to the countries abroad. Every single song sung by him has become superhit. Apart from this, many songs of Kulvir Jhinjer are also in Punjabi films which have all been superhit.

In this article of our day, we will give you complete information about Punjabi super star artist Kalvir Jhinjer. We will tell you when and where Kulvir Jhinjer was born tomorrow and will know about his music career, as well as we will know about his personal life and know who is in his family and from where he would have billed Where are the heroes nowadays?

kulvir jhinjer

Kulvir Jhinjer Bio | Age | Wife | Birth | Family | Height & Weight

Kulvir Jhinjer was born on 15 January 1987 in village Kharora Disst. Fatehgarh Saheb Punjab. Kulbir was fond of singing since childhood, He Participate in all singing programs in schools in his school Days. Since childhood, his voice was so powerful that anyone who used to listen to him would become a fan of Veer yesterday. Those who know Kulbir tell that since childhood, everyone was sure that Kulvir Jhinjer will grow up one day and become a good artist.

kulvir jhinjer
NameKulvir Jhinjer
Real NameKulvir Singh
Age32 Year
Date Of Birth15 Jan 1987
Birth PlaceKharora, Disst Fatehgarh Sahab, Punjab
Height5 Feet 11 Inch

Kulvir Jhinjer Education

He completed his schooling in Kulbir from his village school and today he came to Mata Gujari College Fatehgarh Sahib for his education.

While studying in the same college from where he obtained B.Tech in Engineering, he met Tarsem Jassar, who is currently a super star artist in the Punjabi music industry.

Kulvir Jhinjer became everyone’s favorite artist today by singing songs written by Tarsem Jassar.

kulvir jhinjer

Kulvir Jhinjer Best Songs

Vehli Janta
Collage Di Pher Yaad Aye
Ghaint Naddi

Facts About Kulvir Jhinjer

During his college days Kulvir met Tarsem Jassar with Tarsem Jassar wrote a song ‘Collage Di Pher Yaad Aye’ which Tarsem Jassar gave to Kulbir to sing when Kulvir sang this song, it was a super hit.

Kulbir was fond of singing since childhood but never thought that he would make it his profession in future.

He used to live from a very poor family, but his friends Tarsem Jassar went from a good family to Trong, after completing his college degree, moved to England.

kulvir jhinjer

Going to England, Tarsem advised Kulbir Jhinger to enter the Punjabi music industry and also helped Kabir.

Kulbir Jhinjer has also worked in 2 movies, one of which is named ‘Jagga Jagrawan Joga’ and ‘Rabb Da Radio 2.

In 2012, Kulvir’s first song came Colleage Di Yaad which was the turning point for Kulvir. This song was a super hit.

In 2013, Kulveer was also awarded the best singer of the year award by Ptc Punjabi.

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