Khushi Duggan Dirba Bio | Wife | Birth | Age | Family | height & Weight

Khushi Duggan Dirba : Friends, today we will talk about how the superstar of Kabaddi who has illuminated the name of his country and his country in the last few times, not only in Punjab but also in the whole of India or if it is, it is such a kabaddi superstar to play in the ground.

Millions of people gather and when this player plays in the ground, then it is worth lakhs of rupees or not, it is kept on top of this, to know full about this player, you must read this article completely and give your opinion in the comment box. Do not forget at all how did you like our article.

Khushi Duggan Dirba Bio | Wife | Birth | Age | Family | height & Weight

If we talk about Khushi’s biography, Khushi was born on 26 February 1987 to Sardar Nirmal Singh and Mata Harbans Kaur.

Earlier, Khushi’s father Sardar Nirmal Singh was a very good kabaddi player but he could never play Kabbadi again due to a sudden injury to his knee while playing one day.

He then started preparing Khushi for Kabaddi from childhood to make his son a good kabaddi player. Apart from this, Khushi’s uncle and Taya was also a very good player of GB Kabaddi.

He also taught Khushi some qualities of Kabaddi which made Khushi Aja a successful Kabaddi player.

NameKhushi Duggan
Real NameKhushwinder Singh
Age34 year
Date Of Birth26 Feb 1987
ProfassionKabbadi Player
Height6 Feet 1 Inch

Khushi Duggan Dirba Education

Khushi was not very smart in studies due to his interest in Kabaddi since childhood, but still he passed his Class X examination at Atar Singh School Mastuana in Sangrur district.

He completed from there, after that he took admission in akal school bahadrpur for further studies, from there he completed the 11th and 12th examinations.

Rupinder Gandhi

After completing his 12th examination, Khushi took admission in the National College bhikhi for graduation, after graduating from this college, she graduated in 3 years and did not think to study further. He started giving his game full time, after which a successful kabaddi player came in front of everyone.

10thAttar Singh Acadmy, Mastuana, Sangrur
12thAkal Acadmy, Bahadarpur
BANational Collage Bhikhi

Khushi Duggan Family

Khushi Duggan said that if we talk about the family, then his mother Harbans Kaur is in his family, besides his father Sardar Nirmal Singh, his brother Kala Sanait and his wife.

It has been about 5 years since his marriage, he also has a girl named Har Mannat Kaur.

Kabbadi Career Of Khushi Duggan

A big cup of kabaddi is organized every year from the village where Khushi bails, where the world’s most famous kabaddi players come.

Seeing those players play, Khushi’s dream of becoming a kabaddi player also arose in her mind, after which she started giving time to kabaddi. His maternal uncle Sardar Sukhwinder Singh Bhola inspired Khushi to become a good kabaddi player.

We have often seen in Kabaddi Ground that a person’s tattoo is printed on one side of Khushi’s shoulder. The tattoo is of Sardar Sukhwinder Singh who is his maternal uncle, he inspired Khushi to play kabaddi.

Facts About Khushi Duggan’s Life

It is said that once Khushi was in Ludhiana to meet one of his favorite kabaddi players, at that time a huge Kabaddi Cup was being organized in Ludhiana.

In a match during that cup, when Khushi acted inside the ground to meet her favorite player, the security guard knocked him out of the ground. But Khushi kept in mind that when she came to play in the ground again as a good player, she disclosed this to everyone at that time.

On 26 January 2008, he performed very well in a match played against Norway, after which people started to know Khushi, after this Khushi showed Kabaddi Jauhar in Canada, England and many other countries.

Khushi Duggan considers 26 Tariq as lucky, saying that he was born on this date, he played his first International Kabaddi match on this date.

Khushi Duggan Net Worth

If we talk about Khushi’s total wealth, Khushi has a lot of assets, she has got PR of Canada as well, in India she also has assets of about 10 crores if we talk about these names won by her.

He has won around 56 motorcycles, Tractors, Gold Rings, LCD Tv and many more.

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